April 30, 2021

Release notes


  • When you select a dataset, you can now view the assets in the dataset as thumbnails (4/1/21).

  • Then, when you click on an asset, you’ll see a preview of the asset's metadata. Learn more (4/1/21).

  • We added a Tutorials section to the Python SDK docs. Visit these interactive Google colab notebooks for a hands-on learning experience on the most common tasks and workflows in Labelbox (4/1/21).

  • Our new Data model reference is your central resource for all parameter definitions and import/export JSON samples for Assets, Annotations, and Attachments. It also contains JSON samples and parameter definitions for Labels and Ontologies (4/2/21).

  • You can now collaborate with your team in the Editor by opening up an issue to flag problems, questions, or inconsistencies on the Label. Team members can then discuss this issue in the comments section until it is resolved. See How to create issues & comments to learn more (4/5/21).

  • The Attachments feature now supports hyperlinks. This means that all hyperlinks added as TEXT attachments will be clickable in the Editor (4/12/21).

  • You can now label tiled imagery in the new Editor (beta):

  • See the Data model reference to view the new tiled imagery import format.

  • You can use the Model-assisted labeling workflow to import the following annotations: Polygon, Point, Radio classification, Checklist classification, Dropdown classification, and Free-form text classification. Visit the Data model reference and select the img tiles tab to view the import/export formats for each annotation type (4/21/21).

  • The Benchmarks tool can be used on Polygons. See How to set up Benchmarks to learn how to enable this QA tool for your project (4/21/21).

  • Consensus calculations are supported for the following annotation types: Polygon, Point, Radio, Checklist, Dropdown, Free-form text. See How to set up Consensus to learn how to enable this QA tool for your project (4/21/21).

  • The Activity table under the Labels tab has an updated UI (4/23/21).

  • We have released an updated version of our Python SDK. Visit the changelog to see what changed and use pip install --upgrade labelbox to upgrade to the latest version (4/22/21).