June 22, 2020

Release notes


  • You can now clone and share ontologies from one project to another via the GraphQL API (5/29/20). See our docs on Ontologies to learn how to do this programmatically.


  • We changed the editor names in our app. When creating a project, the “Image editor” (legacy) is now “Legacy editor” and the “Image editor” is now “Editor” (6/18/20).


  • Filtering labels by label ID via the API now works as intended (6/15/20).

  • Labels that have been deleted should no longer show up in your exports (6/15/20).

  • Users submitting password resets or organization invites should now be sent verification emails every time (5/29/20).

  • The backspace hotkey now deletes objects on images reliably (6/2/20).


  • We have removed the v4 interface and v4 project seeding from the API (6/15/20).