August 4, 2021

Release notes



  • We released the Catalog (open beta) feature to all customers. The Catalog helps you select data for labeling.

  • The Project overview tab now contains new and improved annotation class distribution analytics. The annotation class distribution includes global and nested classifications.

  • The thumbnails for text Data Rows now display proper previews.


  • Now when you open the attachment panel in the text editor, the attachments will not block the text that is being labeled.

  • The Skip and Submit buttons are now located in the top right corner of the image, tiled, imagery, and text editors.

  • Pro and Enterprise customers: When you click on the ? icon in the top navbar, you will be automatically directed to our new Help portal where you can submit a support ticket and track its progress.

  • Free users: Clicking on the ? icon in the top navbar will still open the chatbox. See our Contact customer support doc to learn how to access the Help portal.

  • We fixed a pagination bug in the Members tab.


  • The Superpixel tool is no longer available for free users.

Python SDK

Below are the release candidate versions for the Python SDK V3.0.0. To view the current Python SDK version and full release details, see the Release page.



  • Project.create_prediction()

  • Project.create_prediction_model()

  • Project.create_label()


  • Project.predictions

  • Project.active_prediction_model

  • DataRow.predictions

  • PredictionModel

  • Prediction




  • The addUserToProject mutation in our GraphQL API is no longer supported. Please use setProjectMembership to add a user to a project.

  • The addMembersToOrganization mutation in our GraphQL API is no longer supported. We will be adding another mutation to replace it soon.