September 25, 2020

Release notes


  • You can add up to 3 additional image layers over image assets in the Editor with our new Image overlay (beta) feature (9/21/20).

  • We created this end-to-end python notebook that includes the steps for data preparation, training an AI model, and model inferencing so you can quickly generate sample model-assisted labels to import into Labelbox (9/17/20).

  • You can now search in the Datasets tab (9/24/20).


  • We improved our asset metadata attachment process. Now you can attach asset metadata and image layers with the same import file (9/21/20). See the Attachments section in our Data model reference for more information.

  • You no longer need to use the spacebar to pan an image or video frame. Just grab the screen with the mouse and pan instead (9/10/20).

  • You can adjust the video playback speed in granular increments (0.5x to 5x) (9/1/20).


  • You can now search for projects that are pinned as expected (9/10/20).


  • On September 30, the legacy editor will be deprecated for non-tiled imagery use. See our Migration guide for more details.