Labelbox documentation

June 2, 2020



  • Starting today, the legacy Image editor will no longer be available for new organizations. Existing organizations will still have access to the legacy Image editor but are encouraged to migrate to the new editor. Access to Tiled Imagery capabilities can still be enabled for any new Pro or Enterprise organizations on-demand (6/2/20).

  • When an object with nested classifications is selected, the object panel will display the nested classifications for that object (5/13/20).

  • The import format for Model-assisted labeling has changed: the geometry format in the import file now matches the geometry format of the label export file for each type (5/27/20).Overview

  • When checking the status of your predictions import, running the bulkImportRequest query now returns a statusFileUrl and an errorFileUrl (5/27/20).


  • QA tools should now deliver reliable agreement scores for Tiled Imagery projects (5/29/20).

  • The issue of incorrect label times due to the recent timer refactor has been fixed (5/18/20).