November 16, 2021

Release notes



  • We revamped our Ontology management system to be more globally accessible within your org. The key advantages to this new ontology management system are:

    • A centralized way to manage your ontologies across projects. Click the Schema tab, to view, search, and deep dive into each ontology.
    • Ability to share Features across your ontologies rather than building it out for each project. Click on the Features subtab to see all of the features that you can use in your ontology.
  • The new Workspaces feature is now available upon request. Workspaces is a feature that enables admins at large organizations to manage multiple instances of Labelbox with the same login. Each workspace is a separate instance of Labelbox with its own set of data rows, annotations, and users.

  • Labelbox now supports NITF conversion of geospatial data. If you have imagery in NITF format, you can now upload this data type and label it in the Geospatial editor.

  • The new functions (beta) feature allows you to quickly explore and categorize your data rows in the Catalog tab without having to use an ML Model. While functions are typically less accurate than models or human annotators, they can quickly enrich data to help with curation and exploration.


  • Starter and Pro tier customers now have a limit of 2M data rows per organization.

Python SDK

Our latest version of the Python SDK is v3.9.0. It includes the following updates. See our full changelog in Github for more details.


  • New ontology management features
    • Query for ontologies by name with client.get_ontologies() or by id using client.get_ontology()
    • Query for feature schemas by name with client.get_feature_schemas() or id using client.get_feature_schema()
    • Create feature schemas with client.create_feature_schemas()
    • Create ontologies from normalized ontology data with client.create_ontology()
    • Create ontologies from feature schemas with client.create_ontology_from_feature_schemas()
    • Set up a project from an existing ontology with project.setup_edior()
    • Added new FeatureSchema entity
  • Add support for new queue modes
    • Send batches of data directly to a project queue with project.queue()
    • Remove items from a project queue with project.dequeue()
    • Query for and toggle the queue mode