July 5, 2022

Release notes


  • The Updates tab is a central place to coordinate the work between the 3 parts of the Boost workforce setup - customers, the Labelbox Boost admin, and the workforce. Email notifications also accompany all updates.

  • In Catalog, you can now see much richer information on top of your raw data in Catalog. Labelbox displays ground truths and predictions over the assets, in the thumbnail view and in the detailed view. This makes data exploration easier and more powerful in Catalog.

  • Our Audio editor is now available to all users in GA. The audio editor supports global classification tasks only, but includes key platform features like the labeling timer, benchmarks and consensus, and Model-assisted labeling.

  • The annotation relationship tool for images has been released to GA.

  • You can use our UI and SDK to create a model, specify data splits, and export your training data from Labelbox for your custom model training. This workflow is available to all users. You can use this workflow to start to familiarize yourself with the Models product and use it to prepare and version your training datasets.

  • Our Segmentation auto-labeling tool (beta) is now available to all customers. You can use this tool to draw a box around the object you wish to label and Labelbox will auto-generate a segmentation mask for you. This allows you to speed up you labeling efforts.

Python SDK

Our latest version of the Python SDK is v3.23.3. See our full changelog in Github for more details on what was added recently.

Version 3.23.3 (2022-06-23)


  • Import for numpy has been adjusted to work with numpy v.1.23.0

Version 3.23.2 (2022-06-15)


  • Data Row object now has a new field, metadata, which returns metadata associated with data row as a list of DataRowMetadataField
    • Note: When importing Data Rows with metadata, use the existing field, metadata_fields

Version 3.23.1 (2022-06-08)


  • Task objects now have the following properties:
    • errors - fetch information about why the task failed
    • result - fetch the result of the task
    • These are currently only compatible with data row import tasks.
  • Officially added support for python 3.9


  • python 3.6 is no longer officially supported