Notifications (Workforce Boost)

Through Workforce Boost, Labelbox offers guidance on the process of setting up a machine-learning system, labeling expertise to help you set up an efficient system for creating quality-labeled training data, and a world-class workforce to enable you to label your data at scale.

After you set up workforce for your project, the following members will be added to your project:

  • Boost admin: Member of the Labelbox team who is the project manager overall, managing timelines and quality
  • External workforce: One of Labelbox's certified labeling partners who is dedicated to the project

Once the workforce is set up and you add instructions for the project, the majority of the remaining work is coordinating with the Boost admin and the workforce.

The Updates tab is a central place to coordinate the work between the 3 parts of the system - you, the Labelbox Boost admin, and the workforce.

Types of updates

There are different types of communication that happen within a project. Labelbox allows you to create updates that are specific to some of the most commonly occurring use cases. This enables better organization and retrieval of updates when you are coordinating labeling projects or just sending out general messaging.

These are the types of updates available:

Status requestTo support requesting a change in the status of the project
ETA updatedTo support communicating about any change to the expected closing date of the project
Instructions updatedTo support notifying the labeling team, including the Boost admin and the labeling partner, of changes you make to the instructions
IssuesTo support notifying the labeling team, including the Boost admin and the labeling partner, of labeling issues you see in your project
Progress updateTo support communicating a progress update on the project
GeneralTo support communication use cases that are not applicable to any of the above specific types

Create an update

To create an update, click on the New update button. Next, select the Type from the dropdown and provide more details in the Message (optional) section. Remember that being specific about the Type will enable better organization and easier retrieval of the information later.

View an update

The Updates tab provides a list of all the updates on a project. To view details on an update, click on the row pertaining to the specific update.

Email notifications

Once you are added as an admin to the project, Labelbox will automatically send you email notifications for every update that gets posted. The email will be from [email protected] and the email subject will contain the project name so that notifications from different projects will automatically get sorted into unique email threads.

Reply to an update

Once a new update is created, you can reply to the same update. This will add it as an additional reply to the thread. You can reply to updates to close the loop or ask additional clarifying questions for each update on the same thread.

Create a status request

A status request enables you to bring the Boost admin's attention to points of significance in a project's lifecycle. E.g., you could create a Status request to mark the Status of the project as Blocked, then specify that the labeling instructions need to be updated from your end before labeling can proceed further.

Submitting the request will create a system tag containing a ? on the project description to indicate that it is being evaluated by the Boost admin. After the Boost admin evaluates the request, the Boost admin can acknowledge the status change and set the status of the project as requested. This would make the tag a solid color and remove the ? indicating that the status change has been approved.

Retrieve updates

To enable easy retrieval, the Updates tab comes with two filters:

  • Author: filters by the email address of the party creating the update
  • Type: filters by the update type