June 5, 2024

Release notes



  • Now you can browse video assets (as well as their annotations and predictions) in the detailed view within Catalog, Model, and Annotate.
  • Our Foundry product is now available as GA. Foundry enables you to use powerful foundation models to prelabel your data and integrate directly with Annotate workflows. To learn more, read our docs on Foundry.
  • Now, when you create an API key, you can specify its scope to a particular permission level. See our docs on API keys to learn more.
  • You can now clone projects and their settings (ontology, members, name, tags, issue categories). To do this, go to Annotate, select a project, click on the project name at the top, and select Duplicate project.
  • We introduced a new role called tenant admin. This tenant admin role has the permission to create new workspaces and invite team members to any workspace. See our docs on Tenant Admin to learn more.
  • OpenAI's GPT-4o, as well as Anthropic's Claude 3 Sonnet and Claude 3 Haiku models, are now available in Foundry.
  • When you open an experiment from Model, you'll see a new view called "List view". This new view displays each data row as a row in a list. Each row displays a preview of the asset and any annotation and/or prediction information for the data row. See our docs on Model runs to learn more.
  • Now, in the data rows tab, you can filter data rows by agreement score at the feature level. To do this, go to the Data rows tab, filter by "Consensus average," and select "Feature". You can further narrow down your results by feature schema. To learn more, see our docs on the Concensus.
  • We released a new live multimodal chat evaluation editor that enables you to enter a prompt, get a response from multiple models, and use an ontology to rank and select the best model responses.


  • On March 16, 2024, we sunset Export v1 for pro, standard, and select enterprise customers.


  • On June 30, 2024, we will sunset the custom editor for all customers.

Python SDK

The latest version of our Python SDK is v3.72.0. See our full changelog in Github for more details on what was added recently.

Version 3.72.0 (2024-06-04)


  • Update Dataset create_data_rows to allow upload of an unlimited number of data rows
  • New Dataset methods for iam_integraton: add_iam_integration, remove_iam_integration


  • Added model evaluation SDK method notebook
  • Added quick start notebook geared towards new users

Version 3.71.0 (2024-05-28)


  • project.get_overview() to be able to retrieve project details
  • project.clone() to be able to clone projects
  • ExportTask.get_buffered_stream to replace ExportTask.get_stream


  • ExportTask.result / ExportTask.errors parsing content incorrectly
  • Lack of exceptions related to updating model config

Version 3.70.0 (2024-05-20)


  • Added chat model evaluation support
    • client.create_model_config()
    • ModelConfig project_model_configs()
    • ModelConfig add_model_config()
    • ModelConfig delete_project_model_config()
    • ProjectModelConfig delete()
    • client.create_model_evaluation_project()
  • Update existing methods to support chat model evaluation project
    • client.create_ontology()
    • client.create_ontology_from_feature_schemas()
  • Coco deprecation message


  • Fixed error reporting for client.create_project()
  • Do not retry http 422 errors


  • Send_to_annotate_from_catalog functionalities outside Foundry

Fixed in Notebooks

  • Fixed meta notebook
  • Modified queue_management.ipynb to remove some parameters
  • Update_huggingface.ipynb



  • Dark mode (sun/moon icon on the top right-hand side)


  • All example notebooks from our SDK repository are now in the Python tutorials tab