Data rows activity

The Data Row activity tab enables you to easily view, filter, and manage the Data Rows in your project.

You can navigate to the Data row Activity table by selecting a project and going to the Data rows tab. In the table, you will see all the Data Rows either labeled or queued in the project listed. Each Data Row will have some information such as status (see below for more details), labeling time, review time, dataset, and if there are any open issues. This is a test

Status definitions




Data Row is currently queued for labeling.


A Label has been submitted for the Data Row but has not yet been reviewed (Approved or Rejected).


The Data Row was skipped during labeling.


On the Label's last review, the Label was approved (thumbs up).

Benchmark Data Rows will always have a status of Approved.


On the Label's last review, the Label was rejected (thumbs down).


This is a special status only shown when Consensus is used. This status means that not all the consensus submissions have been submitted yet.



For projects that use Consensus, only the Queued, Submitted, or Ongoing statuses will be used regardless of the review(s) made for the label(s) on the Data Row.

Label time & Review time

The Label time for a data row reflects the time spent creating the label on this data row plus any time spent editing the label by the original labeler.

The Review time for a data row reflects the time spent by any other labeler reviewing or editing the label made on this data row.



For projects that use Consensus, these timing metrics will reflect a sum of the time spent labeling or reviewing on all labels created on the data row.

Gallery view

If you want to view what the Data Rows look like, select the gallery view option in the top right corner of the table. This will take you to a preview mode where we will show a thumbnail of the Data Row.

For images, Labelbox also will render any bounding box annotations in the preview.

Filter data rows

You can filter the list of Data rows to the relevant context by applying a filter. To do so, select the filter icon in the top left-hand corner of the table. A new filter pane will appear where you can apply the relevant filters for your query.

You can filter your data by the following fields:

  • Annotations
  • Dataset
  • External ID / Asset ID
  • Label ID
  • Labeler
  • Reviewer
  • Metadata
  • Labeled Date
  • Reviewed Date
  • Functions

Bulk approve or reject labels

When reviewing labeled Data Rows in this table, you can also select multiple labels for bulk approval or bulk rejection. This can be done in either the gallery or list view, though it is most commonly done from the gallery view.

In the example below, you can see how the user has selected several Data Rows for images of dogs that have been incorrectly annotated with cat that need to be rejected in bulk.

Hide sensitive labels from labelers

If during the review process you realize that a specific Data Row contains sensitive or inappropriate content that you want to hide from labelers, you can select that Data Row and mark it as Hide from labelers.

This will restrict all labelers from being able to view the Data Row in the Editor from that point on. When they try to access the asset, they will instead see a message that states "Unauthorized to view this data row".

Viewing and editing labels in the data row browser

You can view more details for a labeled Data Row by clicking on it in the Activity Table to open up the Data Row Browser. In this view, you will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Use the Reject and Approve buttons at the top to update the review status on a labeled Data Row
  • To edit the annotations, click the Edit button in the top right corner. This will bring you to an editing mode where you can modify the annotations. This option will prevent unintended edits when in the Data Row browser.
  • To view all the labels for Benchmark or Consensus Data Row, click the > icon in the left-side panel for the Data Row in question.

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