September 3, 2021

Release notes



  • Model diagnostics (beta) is now available to all customers.

  • Importing your Google Cloud data to Labelbox via IAM Delegated Access is now in closed beta. Contact [email protected] to inquire about access.

  • The Issues & comments feature is now available in the Text editor.

  • The Annotation relationships (GA) feature in the Text editor is now available to all customers.

  • Now when you select an annotation class in the text editor, the selection state will persist until you press esc. This makes it easier for you to quickly label multiple strings of text that belong to the same annotation class.

  • Now your labeling team can hear the audio during playback in the Video editor. Additionally, labelers can adjust the volume and mute/unmute audio playback.

  • The Polygon tool in the Video editor is now available. Note: this feature is currently in beta.