What is Labelbox?

Labelbox is the enterprise-grade training data platform with fast AI-enabled labeling tools, labeling automation, human workforce, data management, and a powerful Python SDK for extensibility. Labelbox is designed to help you build and operate production-grade machine learning systems.

The guides in this documentation are organized into the following categories. These categories reflect the general Labelbox workflow.

  • Choose import method. Select the method for adding your cloud-hosted data to Labelbox.

  • Prepare data for import. Create the JSON file you will use to import your data.

  • Label data. Set up a project in Labelbox, configure the ontology, set up your QA tools, and choose your labeling team to label your data.**

  • Manage data. Preview all of your unlabeled datasets in the Labelbox UI.

  • Active learning. Use our Catalog and Model Diagnostics tool to understand where your ML model needs improvement. Then use the batch queue feature to insert individual Data Rows into the labeling queue.

  • Export labels. Export your annotations from Labelbox.

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