Export predictions

Describes how to export Foundry predictions and the options you can choose while doing so.

You can export Foundry predictions for use outside of the Labelbox platform.

The Labelbox app provides different places to select data rows for export. You can use:

  • Catalog to search for data rows with predictions
  • Model to select predictions made during specific model runs
  • Annotate to select data rows associated with a project

Once you've selected data rows, you can export them:

  1. From the Selection menu, choose Export v2.

  2. Use the Export panel to set options for the results.

  3. Select the Export JSON button to build the export results.

  4. Wait for the results to process. Use the Notification panel to follow progress.

  5. Download the results.

You can also use the All data menu to quickly export all data within a given view.

Export options

When you export predictions, an Export panel lists available options that vary according to the context of the export requests. Exporting from Catalog displays different options than exporting from Model or Annotate.

You can choose to:

  • Select or deselect all current choices

  • Include one or more detail field sets:

    Detail typeWhat's included
    Data row detailsdataset_id, created_at, updated_at, created_by
    Project detailsontology_id, batch_id, priority, consensus_expected_label_count, workflow_history, task_id, task_name
    Performance detailsseconds_to_create, seconds_to_review, skipped, benchmark_reference_label, benchmark_score, consensus_score, consensus_label_count, consensus_labels
    Label detailscreated_at, updated_at, created_by, reviews
    Interpolated framesApplies to video assets only; select to include interpolated frames; otherwise, only keyframes are included.
    Model run detailsruns, run_data_row_id, labels
    Predictionspredictions, label_kind, annotations
  • Export labels from projects containing the selected data rows

  • Export labels and predictions from model runs

  • The data row media type reported in the results

You can use the Code sample button to view a sample Python script to download your export results based on the selected options.

View export progress

Use the Notifications Center to view prediction export progress.

Download results

When your export results are ready, use the Download link in the Notification Center to download them.

When you do this, the Download results prompt appears.

To download your export results, you can use:

  • Your browser to download results to a local file.

    Results are downloaded immediately in a synchronous process. If you close the browser before the download completes, your download will be incomplete.

    Use the Download button to start the process.

  • The SDK to download the results.

    The Download results panel provides a sample script you can use to download results outside of your browser. This is a good choice for large datasets because they can handled in a background process.

    Use the Copy button to save the sample script to the Clipboard.

    You need Labelbox API key to run the script.