Track model run progress

Model run execution time depends on several factors, including the number of data rows processed. As a result, they run in the background.

You can track and manage the progress of your model run using:

Progress tracker

When you submit a model run, a progress tracker appears. This shows the name of your model run and displays an icon showing progress.

The progress tracker includes a link to the Notification Center and also shows other recent model runs.

You can select model runs in the tracker to display a shortcut menu. The commands vary according to the status of the model run. In general, this menu contains shortcuts that help you view details about your model run and its data rows.

While the model run is in progress, you can use this menu to stop model runs.

We recommend doing this only when problems appear.

Other commands in the menu open the model run or its data rows in various contexts. To learn more, see .

Next steps

Once your model run completes, you have several options. You can:

  • View the predictions and details
  • Send the predictions to Annotate
  • Export the predictions