Guide for labeling audio data.

When creating a project, select Audio.

Import audio data

For more information on importing audio files to Labelbox, see our docs on importing audio data.


Data row size limit

To view the maximum size allowed for a data row, visit our limits page.

Supported annotation types

Below are the annotation types you may include in your ontology for labeling audio data.

FeatureImport annotationsExport annotations
Radio classificationSee payloadSee payload
Checklist classificationSee payloadSee payload
Free-form text classificationSee payloadSee payload


Global classifications only

Classifications can be applied at the file-level only. The editor does not currently support classifications at the timestamp level, for example, Agent speaking from 1:05 to 1:38.

Navigate audio files

Audio files display in the editor with a waveform for visualization and basic player controls.

Use the play/pause button to begin audio playback, and press the back/forward 10-second buttons to quickly replay or advance playback. You can also click anywhere on the waveform to instantly move to your desired location.

Audio-specific hotkeys

Play/PauseSpacePlay or pause the audio playback.