Export JSON annotations

labels = project.export_labels(download=True)

# Optionally, provide a date range as an optional parameter
# This will export only labels created between the supplied dates
# Date range can be formatted as "YYYY-MM-DD" or "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss"
labels = project.export_labels(download=True, start="2022-09-28", end="2022-10-04")

Annotation export formats

Classification - Radio

    "featureId": "ckmuuwmp4000a3g68rmku827s",
    "schemaId": "ckmuuvs5p5nj40y629l1570bi",
    "title": "Is it daytime?",
    "value": "is_it_daytime?",
    "answer": {
        "featureId": "ckmuuwmp400093g68qof3hnt8",
        "schemaId": "ckmuuvs7u5njg0y629iiuc216",
        "title": "Yes",
        "value": "yes"

Classification - Checklist

  "featureId": "cl89b1d3g00013b6k8388lpol",
  "schemaId": "cl89b186w0xg107xkga0fdf4j",
  "scope": "global",
  "title": "Attributes",
  "value": "attributes",
  "answers": [
      "featureId": "cl89b1dln00033b6ky6j9cb62",
      "schemaId": "cl89b186w0xg407xk4yvkf3o8",
      "title": "Crowded",
      "value": "crowded"
      "featureId": "cl89b1e3z00063b6kll28e559",
      "schemaId": "cl89b186w0xg607xk8ogy304a",
      "title": "Foot traffic",
      "value": "foot_traffic"
      "featureId": "cl89b1ekd000a3b6kbiipqxi7",
      "schemaId": "cl89b186w0xg807xke5kg606w",
      "title": "Vehicle traffic",
      "value": "vehicle_traffic"

Classification - Free-form text

    "featureId": "ckmuzkkhw000a3g68xegct9wz",
    "schemaId": "ckmuzjtfa64bq0y839bn8ci4l",
    "title": "Free-form text",
    "value": "free-form_text",
    "answer": "Correct text answer"