A Label is constructed from a Data object and its associated Annotations.


Guides/export examples per asset type

Asset typeGuide/Export sampleColab notebook
ImageExport image annotationsLabel export - Images
VideoExport video annotationsLabel export - Video
TextExport text annotationsLabel export - Text
Geospatial (tiled imagery)Export geospatial annotations-
AudioExport audio annotations-
DocumentsExport document annotations-
Conversational textExport conversational text annotations-
DICOMExport DICOM annotations-
HTMLExport HTML annotations-

JSON export parameters

IDLabel ID.
DataRow IDID of the Data Row.
Labeled DataURL to the Asset that was labeled.
Label.frames (video only)URL to the video frame annotations.
Label.frameNumber (video only)Frame number where the annotation is located.
Label.objectsAn array of the Object-type annotations. If there are no Object-type annotations in the Label, the array will be empty. The Object-type annotations are Bounding box, Segmentation mask, Polygon, Point, Polyline, and Text entity. See Annotations section.
Label.classificationsAn array of Classification-type annotations at the global level. Classification-type annotations are Radio, Checklist, Free-form text, and Dropdown. See Annotations section.
Created AtTimestamp indicating when the Label was created. Includes only labeling time. Does not include review time.
Updated AtTimestamp indicating when the Label was updated. If the Label has not been updated since it was created, the timestamp will match the Created At timestamp.
Seconds to LabelNumber of seconds taken to create the Label. Includes review time.
External IDUser-generated filename or ID for the Data Row.
AgreementConsensus agreement score.
Benchmark AgreementBenchmark agreement score.
Benchmark IDID of the Benchmark if enabled for this project.
Dataset NameName of the Dataset containing the Data Row.
Reviews.score1 indicates a Reviewer approved the Label. -1 indicates a Reviewer rejected the Label.
Reviews.idID of the Label review.
Reviews.createdAtTimestamp indicating when the Label was reviewed.
Reviews.createdByMember that reviewed the Label.
View LabelLink to open the Asset (and Annotations) in the Editor.
Has Open IssuesIndicates whether the Label has any issues that need to be addressed.
Skippedtrue indicates the asset was skipped. false indicates the asset was not skipped.