October 4, 2021

Release notes



  • You can now add your cloud-hosted data from Microsoft Azure to Labelbox via the IAM Delegated Access workflow.
  • The new ontology manager is available to all EDU customers
  • Batch queue mode (beta) is now available. You can use this feature to add individual Data Rows from the Catalog to a project’s labeling queue.

Python SDK

See the full changelog in Github for a running list of updates to our Python SDK.

We released v3.6.0 of our Python SDK. It includes the following updates:


  • Bulk export metadata with DataRowMetadataOntology.bulk_export()
  • Add docstring examples of annotation types and a few helper methods


  • Update metadata notebook under examples/basics to include bulk_export.
  • Allow color to be a single integer when constructing Mask objects
  • Allow users to pass int arrays to RasterData and attempt coercion to uint8


  • data_row.metadata was removed in favor of bulk exports.


  • We now support a popular computer vision COCO format to Labelbox format converter. Check it out here. We will be releasing documentation for it soon but meanwhile, you can refer to this reference implementation.