April 5, 2022

Release notes



  • You can find a new series of SDK training videos in our Labelbox Academy YouTube channel. These videos are meant to guide you through some common workflows and tasks via our Python SDK.
  • Our new Model training feature is now available in closed beta. If you are interested in signing up for this early-stage feature, please contact [email protected].
  • A revamped version of our Catalog is now available in closed beta. To request early access to this feature, please contact [email protected].
  • Our new project creation flow helps you set up your projects faster.
  • User groups (beta) is now available to Pro and Enterprise customers. You can use this feature to manage large numbers of users that need to be added to the same set of projects.
  • NER Labeling on Documents is now available in closed beta. To request early access to this feature, please contact [email protected].
  • You can now apply global classifications to an entire video clip in the Video editor.
  • With our new Batches feature, you can select individual Data Rows from Catalog and send them to a Project for labeling, rather than having to attach an entirely new dataset.
  • We have a new Tutorials section in our docs. From each page, you can select to run the tutorial in Github or Google Colab.
  • Our new DICOM editor is now available in closed beta. To request early access to this feature, please contact [email protected].


  • We have renamed the “Project-based admin” role to “Project lead”.
  • Our Data Row tab now offers the same functionality as the Labels tab, with a few more added features, such as filtering by status.
  • Your annotation usage section has a few updates:
    • Shows annotation counts for PDF and DICOM editors
    • Only shows keyframe annotations for videos


  • We are rolling back the ability to add Dropdown annotations (input type) to a new or existing ontology with the intention of deprecating Dropdown annotations entirely. For some customers, this change has already taken effect.


  • We will be sunsetting the Labels tab for all paid customers soon. Please migrate your existing workflows to the Data Rows tab.

Python SDK

Our latest version of the Python SDK is v3.17.2. See our full changelong in Github for more details on what was added recently.


  • Create batches from the SDK (Beta). Learn more about batches.
  • Support for precision and recall metrics on Entity annotations.
  • Ability to fetch a model run with client.get_model_run().
  • Ability to fetch labels from a model run with model_run.export_labels(). Note: this is only Experimental. To use, client param enable_experimental should be set to true
  • Ability to delete an attachment


  • Project.upsert_instructions now works properly for new projects.
  • client.create_project type hint added for its return type.
  • Logger level is no longer set to INFO


  • Removed unused rasterio dependency.
  • Removed batch MVP code
  • Deprecation: Creating Dropdowns will no longer be supported after 2022-03-31
    • This includes creating/adding Dropdowns to an ontology
    • This includes creating/adding Dropdown Annotation Type
    • For the same functionality, use Radio
    • This will not affect existing Dropdowns