September 1, 2023

Release notes


  • You can now view predictions imported as pre-labels in the Data Row tab in Annotate. The predictions will appear as dotted lines in the thumbnails and detailed view.
  • Exports V2 updates:
    • You can now filter by global keys when exporting your data.
    • Exports V2 now supports dropdown classification export for image assets only.
    • You can now filter by workflow status when exporting your data.
  • The Notifications page now loads tasks within the last 30 days and supports filtering by task type.
  • You can now preview predictions and annotations on HTML data rows. More specifically, you can preview annotations and predictions in Model, annotations and predictions in Catalog, and predictions (pre-labels) in Annotate.
  • In Catalog, we now render thumbnails in a masonry layout. Every asset is displayed with its own true aspect ratio.
  • In Catalog, you can now sort in ascending and descending order based on
    any metadata tag, data row “created at”, or data row “last updated at”.
  • This revamped billing page offers more flexibility for you to view their billing details and switch plans/purchase add-ons directly in the app. See our docs on billing for more details.

Python SDK

The latest version of our Python SDK is v3.52.0. See our full changelog in Github for more details on what was added recently.

Version 3.52.0 (2023-08-24)


  • Added methods to create multiple batches for a project from a list of data rows
  • Limit the number of data rows to be checked for processing status

Version 3.51.0 (2023-08-14)


  • Added global keys to export v2 filters for project, dataset, and DataRow
  • Added workflow task status filtering for export v2


  • Removed labels notebook since almost all of the relevant methods in the notebook were not compatible with the workflow paradigm.
  • Updated project.ipynb to use batches, not datasets

Version 3.50.0 (2023-08-04)


  • Support batch_ids filter for projects in Exports v2
  • Added access_from field to project members to differentiate project-based roles from organization-level roles
  • Ability to use data_row_ids instead of the whole data row object for DataRow.export_V2()
  • Cursor-based pagination for dataset.data_rows()


  • client.get_projects() unable to fetch details for LLM projects


  • Improved the documentation for examples/basics/custom_embeddings.ipynb
  • Updated the documentation for examples/basics/data_row_metadata.ipynb
  • Added details about CRUD methods to examples/basics/ontologies.ipynb