Add members or groups to a project

Add a member to a project

There are two ways to give members access to a project for labeling, review, or management.

The first way to give a member access to a project is to give them an organization-wide role on their member page. If they have the role of Admin, Team Manager, Reviewer, or Labeler, then they will have access to all projects in your organization with that role.

The second way is to manually assign project access for members with project-based access. This is a special role that allows admins to control which projects a member has access to and what roles they have in each project. You can assign a user access from their member details page, or by explicitly adding them to a project from within a project as seen below.

Add a group to a project

To add a group to a project navigate to project settings > members and click the Manage groups button. In the new module that pops up, you can select the groups that should be assigned to this project.

For more details on members, groups, and roles, please refer to the page Member and group management