Boost Express

Shows how self-serve subscriptions, such as Starter, can request help labeling data. Once you've set up a project, you can request up to fifteen labelers to work on your data. Here, we show do to do this.

Boost Express provides Starter, and other self-service paid subscriptions, with a labeling team designed to help label data rows.

To use Boost Express, use Annotate to create and set up a new project. Here, we show how to do this.

Note: Boost Express is a paid account benefit distinct from Labelbox Workforce Boost, a benefit available to Enterprise subscriptions. (Free accounts can upgrade to Starter for access to Boost Express.)

Set up a project for Boost Express

To use Boost Express, you need to:

  1. Import your data into a Catalog dataset.
  2. Create an ontology for your project.
  3. Use Annotate to create and set up a project.
  4. Select the data to be labeled and then add the selected batch to your project.

Detailed walkthrough

When you create a new Annotate project, the Overview tab summarizes next steps:

  1. Use Add data to add data rows to your your project; this activates the Set up button.
  2. Select Set up and then define the ontology for your project.
    When you save your changes, the Start Labeling button activates and a Need labeling help? section appears.
    The Need labeling help? section introduces Boost Express and answers a few common questions. For additional details, see Boost Express.
  3. Select Request boost express workforce to request your labeling team.
    When you do this, the section changes to Set up workforce. Select Add instructions to continue.
  4. Next, enter instructions for your labeling team. You can type directly into the editor to or use the Add button to upload a file. Select Save when finished.
  5. When you return to the Overview tab, you're ready to Complete Payment. Use this button to set the size of your team and check out.
  6. On the Checkout screen, set Qty to the number of people you want in your team.
    Each person is available for one week; availability begins when the workforce is activated and expires five business days later.

    Note that your current payment details are selected by default. Verify and update these as needed. Select Pay to continue.

When payment is complete (and confirmed), the process continues behind the scenes. Use the Notifications tab to review updates.

Team size and Quantity

When you sign up or renew Boost Express, you need to select a quantity (Qty). This sets the size of your team, as in the number of labelers to be hired.

To determine an appropriate team size:

  1. Calculate the total number of hours of work required to perform your work.
  2. Divide that value by 40, rounding up.

This is the team size you need and the value you should select for Qty.

The minimum team size is one (1) person for one week (40 hours).

Ongoing projects require additional payments as each payment is consumed. (You can adjust team size when renewing payments.)