Installation requirements

Work with our Customer Success team to install Labelbox Enterprise on your private cloud or intranet.

Embedded cluster requirements

In the case of an Embedded Cluster, a cloud, bare metal, or virtual machine should be provisioned by the customer with the following specifications:


Minimum requirements

Operating Systems

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 - 7.9
  • CentOS 7.4 - 7.9


24 vCPUs minimum
32 vCPUs or more recommended
64 vCPU minimum if using NITF


64 GB minimum
96 GB or more recommended
128 GB minimum if using NITF


1.5 TB minimum

Browser (end-user client workstations)

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

Bring my own cluster requirements

In the case of a Bring me own cluster platform, creating a high availability solution is easier.


Recommended cluster size

It is recommended that you have a kubernetes cluster of 3 nodes across 3 separate zones to provide a highly available solution. The below guidelines assume this setup.


Minimum Requirements

Cluster Nodes

3 nodes across 3 zones recommended for High Availability

Kubernetes Version



32 vCPU minimum per node

  • AWS (c6g.8xlarge)

If using NITF

  • 64 vCPU per node
  • AWS(c6g.16xlarge)


64 GB minimum per node

  • AWS (c6g.8xlarge)

If using NITF

  • 128 GB per node
  • AWS (c6g.16xlarge)


384 GB SSD Storage per node

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