Add labeling instructions

Labeling instructions are essential for any large-scale labeling operation—whether your labeling team is in-house or outsourced. ML teams can leverage labeling instructions to communicate best practices with their labeling teams.

Labeling instructions best practices:

  • Should include good and bad labeling examples.
  • Should explain common confusion points to reduce idle time among your teams.
  • Keep instructions up-to-date by curating content over time through various iterations.

Labeling instructions template

Use the template below to create your own labeling instructions (or download this PDF)

Attach labeling instructions to a project

  1. Select a project.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Click Label editor. Then, click Edit.

  4. Click on the Instructions tab.

  5. Click Attach PDF and select a file to attach.

  6. Click Confirm.


You can update labeling instructions at any time.

Go to project settings, attach new instructions, and the new instructions will be instantly updated for your labeling team.