Manage account and billing

Describes how to manage your account's subscription plan and your billing details.

Use the Billing tab of Workspace Settings to manage your account or to update your billing details.

To access the Billing tab, open the account menu and then select Workspace Settings.

When the Workspace settings view appears, select the Billing tab.

If you're on a Free account, you can also open the Billing tab by selecting Upgrade plan from the Help menu.

Verify current account plan

When you first open the Billing tab, your current plan is displayed in the Manage Billing section.

If you're on a Free, Starter, or Standard plan, an All plans section displays available plans. Your current plan is highlighted.

Use this list to:

The All plans section is not displayed for Enterprise plans. For help with an Enterprise plan, contact Sales.

If your current plan name includes "(legacy)", your current plan has been retired. To renew or otherwise change your plan benefits, you'll need to select a new plan. Note that legacy plan upgrades can't be rolled back; that is, you cannot downgrade to a retired plan.

Upgrade account plan

The process to upgrade your current plan depends on the plan you intend to select.

To upgrade to:

  • Starter: From the Billing tab, locate Starter in the All plans list and then select Switch to plan.

  • Standard: Either select Switch to plan from Standard in the All plans list or contact Sales.

  • Enterprise: Contact Sales.

Plan upgrades become effective immediately. This means you can begin using your new benefits as soon as you close the upgrade confirmation dialog.

Upgraded plans require valid payment methods. To upgrade a free account, for example, you need to add a valid payment method to your account. Payment methods for Starter and Standard accounts can be managed through the Billing tab. Enterprise customers should contact Sales.

Standard plan billing

Unlike Free and Starter plans, Standard plans have monthly platform fees. When you upgrade to a Standard plan, the benefits are available immediately and you're charged a prorated amount reflecting the time remaining in the current month.

When you downgrade a Standard plan, the change occurs at the end of the current month. This means you can still use the benefits of the Standard plan--until the end of the current billing cycle. At that time, your plan benefits change accordingly.

Add-on billing

Some services include additional fees. For example, Model Foundry generates compute costs associated with foundational model hosting. These are passed onto you and vary according to the amount of data processed.

These compute costs only cover foundation model processing; that is, they are above and beyond other costs associated with your workflow. To illustrate:

  1. Suppose you import 1,000 images into Catalog; this consumes 1000 LBUs.
  2. You then select 500 images and use Model Foundry to generate predictions. Imagine this generates $2.00 in compute fees associated with hosting the underlying foundational model.
  3. When the Model Foundry run completes, 500 images and their predictions are now available in Model. This consumes 500 LBUs.
  4. When you send the predictions to Annotate for human review, it consumes another 500 LBUs.

The compute fees associated with the model run (Step 2) are charged immediately. The 2,000 LBUs are charged according to your subscription type at the end of the current billing cycle.

Add-ons are not enabled by default and must be explicitly added to your account. Subscriptions without previous payment arrangements must add a valid payment method to enable add-ons.

Add-ons can be added (and used) at any time, however, they are only canceled at the end of the current billing cycle. If you cancel an add-on, you can continue to use its benefits through the end of the current billing cycle.

Downgrade account plan

The process to downgrade your current plan depends on your existing plan.

To downgrade a Starter or Standard plan:

  1. Open the Billing tab and then select the Manage button displayed to the right of your plan name.

  2. When the Manage your Labelbox plan view appears, select Cancel plan.

  3. When the Cancel plan confirmation appears, select Cancel plan

To downgrade an Enterprise plan or to change the billing frequency, contact Sales.

Plan downgrades take place at the beginning of the next billing cycle, typically the first of the next month. Until that time, you can continue to use the benefits of the previous plan.

When a plan downgrade is pending, a reminder banner appears on the Billing tab.

To cancel a plan downgrade, renew the plan.

Review or change billing details

To review or change your billing details, open the Billing tab and then select the Manage button displayed to the right of the account type.

Not every subscription displays a Manage button to the right of the account type. (For example, Enterprise accounts do not display the button.)

If no Manage button appears to the right of the account type on the Billing tab, contact Sales for help.

When you select the Manage button, the Manage your Labelbox plan view appears.

Add new payment plan

To update your payment method, use the Add payment method link displayed in the Payment Method section.

Remove a payment method

To remove a payment method, select the Remove button (x) displayed to the right of the payment details.

You must have at least one payment method. If your current method has expired, add the new method before removing the expired one.

Change billing contact details

To view or update your billing details, select Update information in the Billing Information section. Available details include name, address, email address, and phone number.

Review invoices and payments

Use the Invoice History section to review invoice details and payment status.

To view or download an invoice or a receipt, select the invoice date.

For help with invoice questions, contact Support.

Cancel account plan

To cancel a Free, Starter, or Standard account plan:

  1. Use Workplace Settings to open the Billing tab.
  2. Scroll past the All plans list to locate the Cancel plan button and then select it.

To cancel an Enterprise account, contact Sales.

Before canceling a plan, you should remove your data. The following links can help: