Project overview tab

The Overview is the first tab that you land on when you click on any project. This tab is designed to provide a quick glance at the most important statistics of your project.

The overview tab is divided into 3 parts:

  • Labeling progress: This section provides a list of all statuses in a project and a count of data rows for each. It also provides a count of the issues.
  • Labeling and workflow tasks: This lists all the tasks in the project including the Initial labeling task, Rework task, and all review steps.
  • Analytics view for annotations: This lists all the features in a project along with the count of annotations for each.

Labeling progress

This section provides a simplified set of counts based on a new set of statuses that reflect the project state based on the project's workflow. See Workflows for more information on these statuses.

To labelData rows that don't have all of their required labels yet (this excludes skipped data rows).
In reviewData rows that have been labeled or skipped and are in a custom review task.
In reworkData rows that have been labeled or skipped and are now in the rework task.
DoneData rows that have passed through all review and rework stages in the workflow.
IssuesCount of total issues in the project. These counts will always be consistent between the overview tab and the data rows tab.

Labeling and workflow tasks

You will see a list of all tasks and associated data row counts in the project:

Task nameDescription
Initial labeling taskTask reserved for all data rows that are in the process of being labeled.
ReworkTask reserved for all data rows that are in the process of being reworked, either after being rejected or explicitly moved to rework from another task.
Initial review taskTask reserved for data rows that have been submitted and need review.

Reviewers can choose to go to the rework task or a specific review task per the workflow configuration without having to get into the workflow tab, which is specifically meant for admins for configuration.

Analytics view for annotations

This view provides the prevalence of different features within the project across data rows. For each feature, you can see the following:

  • Name of the feature
  • Count of data rows that contain the feature
  • %Share indicating the percentage of data rows that contain the feature
  • Horizontal bar chart that depicts the share and also allows you to click through into a filtered view of the data rows tab that contains only the data rows that contain the relevant feature