Step 2: Choose a model

In this step of the Model Foundry process, you choose the foundational model to use in the model run.

The Choose a Model view lets you select the foundational model to use in your model run.

The Model Gallery shows the foundational model currently supported by Model Foundry.

If you know the model you want to use, select it from this list.

To locate a specific model, you can:

  • Browse the models displayed in the list.
  • Search for specific models by name (case insensitive)
  • Select individual scenario tags to show appropriate models for a machine-learning task
Select scenario tags to display models that support that scenario.

Scenario tags can filter the model view. Select one to see models associated with that scenario.
Select another tag to change the filter or select the original tag to remove the filter.

If you're not sure which model to select, see Models for an overview of models supported by Model Foundry.

You can also use Model to explore the model cards for available models.

Model cards describe the model, display supported scenarios, and provide additional details, such as cost, intended uses, performance ranges, citations, and earlier model runs.

When you select a model, the Predict view appears. Use this view to: