Step 4: Generate preview predictions

In this step, you generate preview predictions to get an idea of your final prediction results.

The Predict view lets you generate preview predictions, which provide a sense of your current settings affect the final predictions.

This step is optional. For best results, we recommend generating previews to confirm your configuration settings.

The Predict view lets you generate preview predictions, which can help you verify that your current settings provide the results you expect.

You can generate previews for up to five data rows.

To change the number of previews, use the mouse to point to the preview counter and then use the scroll buttons to increase or reduce the number of previews.

You can generate up to five previews based on your selected data rows.

Use the Generate preview button to generate your preview predictions.

Like full model runs, preview predictions take time to generate. The amount of time varies according to the model, the complexity of your settings, and other factors. When preview generation completes, the view shows your initial results.

Generated previews help verify model run settings.  Use them to ensure the results you expect.

if you're not happy with the preview results, modify the model run settings and generate a new set of previews.

When satisfied with the preview results, you're ready to submit your model run.