Set up Labelbox Workforce

  1. Get in touch with our team to sign up for Labelbox workforce.

  2. Create a new Labelbox project or click on an existing project.

  3. Go to Settings > Members > External workforce.

  4. For the Outsource Firm Provider ID, enter the Labelbox Workforce ID and click Add. Note: only Labelbox Workforce ID is valid for this step.

Set up an external workforce

If you would like to use your own labeling workforce, rather than use the Labelbox Workforce, follow these steps:

  1. Add your workforce team to your account as members.

  2. If you want their access to be restricted to a certain project, you can assign them project-based roles.

  3. Assign someone on the team an Admin or Team Manager role so they can manage their members connected to your project.



Adding your own independent workforce by adding an ID in the External workforce tab is not recommended.

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