Catalog (beta)

You can think of the Catalog as a training data warehouse where you can use filters to browse, curate, and develop insights across all of your labeled and unlabeled data in Labelbox. Prior to the Catalog, your view of your Data Rows was restricted by the Datasets they belonged to (i.e., you could only view one Dataset at a time). The Catalog removes that barrier, allowing you to browse your Data Rows across all Datasets in one place.

The Catalog is particularly helpful if you need a global view of your Data Rows (with or without annotations) in order to get a more holistic understanding of your training data. Use the filters to determine which Data Rows you want to select for your next labeling project.

How it works

When you import your data to Labelbox, each asset is assigned an internal Data Row. The Data Row contains all of the information you need to know about the asset. Once the asset is labeled, the Data Row contains all annotation information associated with the asset as well.

You can use the filters to query Data Rows that meet certain criteria in order to explore your Data Rows and develop insights. With the Catalog, you can filter your Data Rows by:

  1. Annotations

  2. Dataset

  3. Metadata

  4. Media attributes

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